My last time

Hello again for probably the last time, its EvanElise and now today what Im going to be talking about is how Im going to miss you. The last day Im gonna cry of course, but Im doing this plan and you guys can join to so there are to plans the first on is have Mrs.Q send you a picture of the whole class then at home go into your gmail and print it out, now if you don’t want to do that you don’t have to, so here is the second option you no the game nitro type well we can all have Mrs.Q play with then we can all be with each other.Now guys for the people like Jeyda,and Ashely, thats gonna be a little complicated because there going to 2 separate places that means we might just have to gmail them, I am going to have a paper today and everyone will sign this:name, favorite color, and finally age. Then after that i will print it out as many times as i go, and go home and give it to the people who want it, now when i’m going to think of something to keep us all connected by Friday.


Have you ever been bullied? well I have you might think how, but yes now if you have been bullied read this. Some people might be bulled and if you see someone being bullied what are you going to do, I wouldn’t just watch or join them I would stand up because thats the person I am. Now one day I was at home and my sister was being bullied and of course i stood up for her and I started to get mad so I went ahead and started to feel like I was a bully and my oldest sister pulled me back and trust me I was ferious . Now I try and calm my temper people out there who are bullies should do that one time I was just as mad as that day I just wanted to leave I took my hands and cried, but you guys will only see my cry at the end of the year.But I went and fell woke up in 10 minutes happy, I still see people being bullied and I pray if you do not pray then help make this world a difference. hope you enjoy

The summer plans

Hello world its Evan Elise’s cute little gerbils, and I’m here tell you about my summer plans so what I’m going to do is crotchet stuff for my gerbil. And I might go and hang out with my cousin Karrington she’s my cousin she is really nice, me and her have been cousins for 10 years and we are very close, so after that I will probably just go ahead and play with my gerbil P.S if your going to steel be on the blogs you might get to see my gerbil or even when I’m in school. Now one day I was playing with my friend after school on Monday and after I was don holding my guinea pig I started to break out, and my mom predicted that I was allergic to them. And the next day I made a announcement about it and Gabe go both of the guinea pigs, so now I’m getting a gerbil. Then I will probably be hanging with my gerbils more often. But the bad news is, is that I kinda just started to remember how to spell guinea pigs but yeah, I will keep you updated.

Over My Spring break

Hello everyone again, Im just going to tell you things about my spring break.Well I stayed home and relaxed you know. Watch t.v, sleep,play with my dog,and guinea pigs. So as that was passing through, I went to Traverse City! It was quite amazing. I went over to the docs, and my mom/dad took pictures that was fun after that we decide to go into stores and we played, ate samples did a lot of stuff. The most I liked was getting to eat, I had a cheese burger, fries, and a shake then went home that was nice. Yes well soon later I went to Chicago for my cousins birthday and uncle we had a lot of fun we went to play zone,and the ate at my aunts house that was nice we had chickfilae that was yummy before that we went to the mall and visit stores that was cool. So after that we woke up got ready and left I came home ate and did at least something and yeah.

Interview with Mrs.Bretz

Hey world again how are you doing well if you are reading this relax and enjoy, so i went and interviewed. The first one i asked was, how long did you work here in Hudsonville ? she said Almost about 20 years, wow isn’t that a lot. Ok lets get on to the next question so what is her favorite instrument and she likes the piano, me to i all so like the piano now, how Mrs.Bretz became a music teacher her reply was because she started playing piano in 2 grade and started to love music, Now why Mrs.Bretz came to this school is, she went to vower and georgetown was being built and her friends came along and all got chosen with are most of the special teachers that you guys have gone to if you go to my school. Well here is the final question Why dose she like the instrument ( piano ) what she said was because you can mostly play anything on the piano without anyone teaching it to you. One little thing that Mrs.Bretz is are music teacher.

Big Nate On a Roll

I think that you should read Big Nate on a Roll!  You should like this if you are interested in comics or long books cause I know I am in love with comic books!  That’s just my style! And if it’s not your style, then I recommend you do something else.  So, so far I will give a little appetizer of the book, but I won’t try to spoil it because I know there are some people out there who like comics and can’t wait to get into it and start reading it everyday.  So, at the start, Nate ends up in detention so he is not very happy about that because you will be so much afraid of the consequences  that you will get from your parents!  He will tell you the story and I will tell you a summary of it. So the principal needs Nate, but Nate ends up with someone helping for the play. Nate gets paint in his eye from this person and knocks the ladder down. The boy falls down on Nate and the principal asks the boy, “Are u ok?” and Nate gets in trouble. So, while Nate was telling you the story, he was writing a comic.  Let me know how you like it.


Guinea Pigs

I think you should get a pet cause they can be fun ex: guinea pigs I have a  guinea pig and she loves to a lot of stuff.

  • they are very cute that he or a she will make u want to pick up the guinea pig


  •  and they are a very was pet to take care of  my guinea pig is so nice that even if  you sometimes put your finger aciidently put your finger next to there mouths she won’t bite sometimes

          so yeah these are reasons why you should get a pet guinea pig especially  a baby

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